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California Black Globe Pageant 
The official preliminary to Black Globe International Pageants
Mrs. Black Globe Int'L Crowning the first Miss California Black Globe Jeannine Crawford 2009
Miss CA Black Globe Jeannine Crawford
Appearance during the Daniels Jewelry Story: Piercing Princesses Day
On stage at  the Black Globe International Pageants
Winning the Director's Choice Award at the International Pageant hosted by Lady Shaunte, Producer for Donnie McKlurkin
Representing San Diego, lovely Bridget Chatman vies for a title.
Bridget Chatman Prepares for her meeting with "The Pearls" an organization she founded to help build the self- esteem and positive image of Girls.
Miss U.S. Black Globe Crowning the first Miss Golden State, the beautiful  Bridget Chatman
Miss Golden State shows the fabulour Nefertiti crown of Black Globe International Pageants.
Miss Golden State Bridget Chatman, Flaunting her fabulous at the International Pageant: Congrats to the People's Choice Runner-up
2009 California the Golden State Black Globe Pageants
California became an official preliminary to the Black Globe International Pageants in 2009. 

The California Golden State Pageant was held in  San Diego, California.
Miss Jeannine Crawford became Miss California and Miss Bridget Chapman became Miss Golden State.

Both of these California beauties placed top 5 in the Black Globe International Pageants.